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Creative Hands of ABBA

Booth #1A

Welcome to Creative Hands by Abba, where divine inspiration meets artistic expression! Our booth is a sanctuary of spiritual treasures, offering anointing oils, bling headbands, Keys to the Kingdom art decor, Sword of the Kingdom decor, and vibrant flags that ignite the soul.
Immerse yourself in the sacred scents of our anointing oils, crafted with care to elevate your spiritual practice and connection. Adorn yourself with our bling headbands, a crown fit for royalty, reflecting the inner light that shines within each of us.
Discover the power and symbolism of our Keys to the Kingdom art decor and Sword of the Kingdom decor, reminding us of our divine inheritance and authority as children of the Most High. And let your spirit soar with our colorful flags, waving symbols of praise and worship that lift the atmosphere wherever they're displayed.
At Creative Hands by Abba, we believe in the power of creativity to uplift and inspire. Each item in our collection is infused with love, intention, and the guiding hand of the Divine. Step into our booth and let your soul be stirred by the beauty and majesty of Creative Hands by Abba.

Creative Hands of ABBA: Welcome

Count your blessings


Wake pray 

Pray always


God is good y'all

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