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Welcome to BFI Treasures Gift Shop, where entrepreneurship thrives and dreams take flight! Our marketplace is a dynamic space that empowers entrepreneurs of all ages to flourish in a retail environment. We offer adult vendors a range of services, including the opportunity to showcase their products on our advertised market days and our online platform, facilitating seamless connections with customers.
In addition to providing prime retail space, we go the extra mile to support our vendors' growth. Our comprehensive services include marketing and business classes, equipping both young/teen parents and aspiring youth entrepreneurs with essential skills and knowledge. Through our partnership with Luminary Ministries, we offer specialized entrepreneur programs that encompass financial literacy and mentorship courses, fostering a nurturing environment for business development.
At BFI Treasures, our vision extends beyond mere commerce – we strive to cultivate a multigenerational entrepreneur hub, where individuals of all backgrounds and ages can thrive. Our inclusive approach creates a supportive community where vendors feel empowered to grow their businesses and pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations.
Explore our range of booth options, designed to accommodate various needs and budgets. From the compact 2x2 space to the expansive 4x6 booth, each tier includes essential amenities such as insurance coverage, administrative support, collaborative advertisement, and monthly market days. Additionally, vendors benefit from access to our online platform, complete with a dedicated webpage and online cart functionality.
Join us at BFI Treasures Gift Shop and become part of a vibrant community where dreams are nurtured and success is celebrated. Together, let's create a legacy of entrepreneurship and prosperity!

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Silver Alert Designs

We enjoy being a vendor at BFI Treasures Gift Shop for several reasons.  First, BFI does their best to help their Vendors to succeed.  They encourage and lead us to get involved with our efforts to grow our small business. They are always going to extra lengths to improve the Gift Shop for the better of their vendors.  They are honest and trustworthy; they work hard every day to successful. They encourage young people to become Entrepreneurs and give them opportunities they might not have otherwise have.  There is always a smile on their faces when you see them.  They help Customers find great treasures when they come in. You become a Vendor at BFI Treasures you have been awarded an extended family for the rest of your life.  

 Cindy and Mile Folsom

Silver Alert Designs

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